About Us

YMV Tech is an innovative, small and growing digital agency that delivers cost-efficient solutions of real value and high quality. We conceptualize, design and build modern websites as well as top-of-the-range native mobile apps. YMV Tech provides end-to-end mobile app solutions. From idea generation to making sure the app reaches the users, we ride the wave along with you all the way to the shore. Our comprehensive services provide clients with unique technology solutions that are customised to meet the specific mobile demands of their businesses.

At YMV Tech, we work in tandem with our clients to provide a one-stop or stand-alone solution from research, design & development through to usability testing. We put the desired end-user and our clients’ business outcomes at the heart of everything we do. Our Experience Design team examines the customer journey, needs and behaviors across a brand’s digital touchpoints with the goal of creating new and improved, deeply engaging customer experiences. We value time so we are committed to delivering high standard services with a quick turnaround. We offer one of the best competitive rates in the industry and we are happy to leave our clients satisfied.

Let our team of experienced developers, designers, analysts and storytellers assist you with your digital product development, measurement and maintenance so that you can take your mind off technology and concentrate on your core area of business.

Meet Our Team

Yemi O.

Snr. Strategist & Lead UX Designer
BSc, MSc Info. Systems, & MBA

Kasas D.

Full Stack Engineer & PM
BSc Mathematics with Computing

Sheikh M.

Android Developer
BSc Computer Science

Biniam T.

Front-End Developer
Assoc Web Programming

Previously With Us

UX Work Experience 'Prolific X' Team

Penny H.

Jnr. UX Designer
BSc Business Administration

Ann O.

Jnr. UX Designer
MSc City Design & Social Science

Naman V.

Jnr. UX Designer
MDes Industrial Design

Oleysa M.

Jnr. UX Designer
MSc Marketing

You can apply for hands-on work experience as a UX Designer with us.